Wednesday, April 4, 2012

sprouted quinoa breakfast - 100% raw

I'm on a 'raw foods' kick at the moment. Not saying that I only eat raw foods, but I do tend to favour them for 70% of my diet.

After an early morning workout, my body comes away craving protein and complex carbohydrates and at the moment, sprouted quinoa is my favourite!

Oh, and I haven't mentioned how much I love breakfast - it's one of my favourite meals in the day. There is nothing more worthwhile than taking the time in the morning to set yourself up nutritionally for the day.

 Sprouted Red Quinoa

Quinoa (keen-wah) comes from a plant native to the Andes in South Amercia and was called 'mother grain' by the ancient Incas. This super-food is particularly high in lysine, an amino acid lacking in many grains. And because it's a complete source of protein (1 c = 8 g), quinoa makes a valuable addition to vegetarian diets.

Instead of cooking out the quinoa, you can eat it raw! But not without a bit of help to tenderise the seed.

Sprouting grains differs from the whole grain in three main aspects:
1) sprouting activates food enzymes
2) sprouting increases the vitamin content
3) sprouting neutralises anti nutrients like phytic acid which bind up minerals preventing your ability to fully absorb them

Sprouting the Quinoa

Wash approximately 1 c (=1 1/2 c sprouted) of a quinoa grain (red, white or black) and put in a mason jar. 
Pour enough fresh water to entirely cover the grain (and then some) - cover with a muslin cloth (or new chux dishcloth) and fasten with a rubber band. 
Soak for about 8-10 hours or overnight.
Strain out the water and give it a rinse over.
Then set back in the jar with the muslin on top - store in a cool dry area for approx 24 hours* (rinsing 2 times a day).
Then, your done.

*You can sprout for longer ie another day or two, but I couldn't wait.


1/2 c sprouted red quinoa
1/3 c raw cashew milk*
6 dehydrated red globe grapes*
1 tblsp raw peanut butter*
1 tblsp mixed raw seeds/nuts

Combine the ingredients as you would when making a bowl of cereal.

*In time I will be posting recipes on how to make these, so for now you can use what ever you have hanging around in your kitchen.

Enjoy. x


  1. Very creative dish...combination of foods looks interesting.

  2. Where do you buy globe grapes?

  3. i just grab the red globe grapes from the markets then dehydrate them in a dehydrater. you could use any kind of grape though.

  4. so fresh and healthy!