Tuesday, April 24, 2012

low-gi vanilla raspberry jam

When it comes to jams, we're not big consumers.
But I enjoy making jams and preserves. 
Preserves make the perfect gifts - they keep well and are homemade and personal.

I came up with this recipe over the Christmas period, as I was getting the pressies ready for the family.
I just kept tasting and adding bits and pieces and came out with a winner!
This jam is not overly sweet as it uses all low-GI sweeteners and goes perfectly with homemade peanut butter.

This jam was so good I even kept the recipe!
Recently I had some raspberries sitting in the freezer and decided to make up a batch of jam to keep stored away in the refrigerator to be spread on a bit of homemade bread for a quick breakfast.

You will notice that I have used Coconut Sugar. If you are unfamiliar coconut sugar has a naturally Low Glycemic Index (GI 35), nearly half the GI of cane sugar (GI 68) and still lower than honey (GI 55) and even agave (GI 42). This super food has the added bonus of a nutritional content richer than possibly all other commercially available sweeteners!

It contains protein (12 amino acids) and high mineralization of potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, zinc and iron.

The taste - well it's just like sugar but with a caramelly/coconutty after taste.


(makes approx 400 ml)

500 g frozen or fresh raspberries
1 vanilla pod, de-seeded
1/2 c raw coconut sugar
1 tblsp brown rice syrup
1 tblsp pine tree syrup
1 tblsp agave syrup
1 tsp raspberry vinegar
1/2 a medium lemon, juiced

Combine all ingredients (vanilla seeds and pod) in a heavy based saucepan and simmer down for about 1 hour, stirring occasionally - or until jam sets on a plate when tested.
Remove vanilla pod and store jam in a sterilised jar in the refrigerator.
Will keep for ever - or at least 4-6 months.

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  1. That looks really good, I just did a canning course and can't wait to try to make some jam. Cheers, Tara