Monday, April 2, 2012

fresh mint and stinging nettle tea

As a result of a lengthy lead-up, I have been over complicating the whole 'first post' issue. This blog really should have started a few months ago, but I have been putting it off waiting for that perfect recipe that incorporates all that I am trying to achieve. 

After too long of over thinking and filling my head with options, I just wanted to relax - what better way than with a cup of tea! Yes, tea!

I ventured out into the garden and foraged up some stinging nettle leaves and picked some fresh mint leaves from my herb garden. There's nothing better than a fresh 'free' tea.

Stinging nettle is such an overlooked ingredient. Here in the bush it can be considered a very annoying weed that seems to grow all too fast and has a nasty bite (just ask our dog) when touched.
Nettle tea is high in Vitamin A and K along with high concentrations of calcium, potassium and iron.

So here we have it, my first post - stinging nettle and mint tea.

Stinging nettle



6-8 fresh nettle & mint leaves per cup
Hot water

Combine leaves in a large tea pot with hot water and steep for approximately 5 minutes. Longer or shorter for desired strength (I like a strong flavoured tea).
Strain and enjoy.

NB: It is so important to wear thick gloves when handling nettles, I use kitchen washing-up gloves.

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  1. loving your teacup and pot too!