Monday, September 24, 2012

garden breakfast juice

The weather is certainly getting warmer here and with it comes the desire for lighter and refreshing meals.
This also means that it is time to bust out the juicer and make it a permanent home on my bench top.

Before Joel ducked out to the markets to pick up groceries, I raided the refrigerator for what remnants of fruit and vegetables we had left to make a super breakfast juice. Talk about quick and easy breakfast! It’s just the clean-up that can be a bit of a fuss.. but it’s worth it.

I fed all the components through the juicer and poured it into a tall glass. Then went outside to sit in my garden to check on my summer seedlings and watch the little red-browed finches build a nest in the ficus tree next to our table and chairs.


(makes 400 mL)

2 carrots
3 oranges, skinned
1 grapefruit, skinned
1 inch piece of ginger
¼ bunch celery
1 medium beetroot

Wash all ingredient thorough and feed through the juicer.

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