Sunday, June 17, 2012

coconut kefir yogurt and water

Well, I promised that I would post my kefir experiments.

This is a post about my successful coconut and kefir experiment.

I love using coconut in cooking.

From coconut oil, water, cream, milk and flesh - the rich flavour is so satisfying.

Not to mention the healthful benefits that coconuts have to offer.

Young coconut meat differs greatly from mature coconut -- it has a softer, almost gelatinous texture that you can use to mix into beverages or baked goods recipes. You can tell the difference between a young and mature coconut because a mature coconut is hairy and brown, while the immature version is smooth and green. Also, the nutritional value of young coconut meat differs, as it contains fewer calories, no fat and many vitamins and minerals.
High in: Manganese - a mineral that is beneficial for production of blood clotting factors and connective tissues. Potassium - this mineral keeps your muscles and digestive system working properly, and adequate intake may correlate to bone health as well. Magnesium - the magnesium available in young coconut influences energy production and also plays a role in the function of your muscles and kidneys. Magnesium is critical for maintaining mineral and vitamin levels in your bloodstream, including calcium, copper, zinc, vitamin D and potassium.

Coconut water aids the kidney, liver and heart functions as well as enhances the process of eliminating toxins from the body. The electrolyte level re-equilibrates the body's fluid balance; therefore it is sometimes referred to as "Fluid of Life".
Coconut water enhances concentration and prevents headaches by providing the body with all the necessary replenishing fluids as it impacts positively on the electrolyte level content in the body.
With a balanced proportion of potassium, calcium, magnesium and sodium coconut water offers a speedy revitalisation and re-hydration during the course of physical activities - we love it after a big hike.
Coconut water on it’s own can be used as an alternative to milk, as it helps in bone fortification.
Since this drink is lactose free and milk-protein free there is no danger of developing allergies in young children.

From a fresh young coconut, I was able to make this coconut yogurt.

Additionally, as a by-product I was able to make a pro-biotic coconut water drink.

My grandmother was a missionary Nurse out in the islands back in the 50's and she told me that they used to use the fresh water of the young coconuts as a saline solution for injections. This was because the coconut water was more sterile than the drinking water.

Interesting, huh!


(makes 1-2 cups)

1 fresh young coconut
1/2 c water
2 tsp milk kefir grains

Crack open the coconut and carefully drain out the water, set aside*.
Scoop out all the rubbery flesh and combine with water in a food processor/bender and whizz until well thick and creamy - add more or less water for desired consistency.
Pour into a glass jar.
Then, wrap the kefir grains in a small muslin cloth and tie.
Next, place the kefir grains in the middle of the coconut mixture.
Cover the glass with a muslin cloth and fasten with a rubber band.
Cover jar with a tea towel to keep warm.
Set aside for 24-48 hours.
Then, remove the grains and stir up your yogurt, it's ready!

The yogurt should taste slightly sour with the deep rich flavours of coconut.

*You can either drink this straight up or, if you have some water kefir grains you can add 2 tblsp to the coconut water - cover and let the pro-biotics grow for 24-48 hours.
Strain and drink.


  1. We really love sour cream but have not been able to have any since our change in diet (dairy-free diet). Would I be able to use water kefir (not milk kefir) and coconut meat to create sour cream through fermentation? I have researched this and it seems possible but I am not absolutely sure. Do you have any information on this?!:)

    1. oh, i'm not going to be much help with this one!
      i'm not sure about using the water grains with the coconut flesh. but i do know that you can ferment the coconut yogurt at room temperature (for 24-48 hours) without the use of any grains.
      i'd be so happy to send you guys all the info i have on water kefir.. :)