Thursday, May 31, 2012

homemade roasted almond butter

I'm forever topping up our stash of homemade nut butter and the most recent is this basic roasted almond butter.
Seriously, you'll be surprised at how simple it really is to make.

Friday (my day off) is usually my cooking and cleaning day. So, when it comes to making the almond butter, I just put the almonds in the oven to roast while I vacuum the house. Then come back and take out the tray to cool, go and clean the bathroom, come back and whack the roasted almonds in the food processor while I scoot around and tidy a few things (checking the food processor intermittently). 
Then it's done. And so is the house work, bonus!

I cannot rave enough about how amazing this nut butter is.
It's so smooth and deliciously versatile - makes for a perfect breakfast topper, snack or protein in a salad/sandwich.

This recipe requires nothing other than straight up almonds. No oil. No sugar. And definitely no artificial preservatives.

Almonds are high in monounsaturated fats, the same type of health-promoting fats as are found in olive oil, so even when stored in the refrigerator the nut butter does not 'set' but remains in a thick runny consistency. 
It's not like any of the store bought kind of nut butters that seem to have a thick layer of oil sitting on the top, where the under layer is this dry, tacky kind of goo.

To be honest when I first homemade almond butter, I was so unsure as to whether I made it right. The nut butter didn't separate - as in the natural oils didn't rise and sit on the top which is what I was used to.
Maybe that's because it's made fresh, but what ever it is, it's addictively beautiful!


(makes 300 mL)

500 g raw almonds
pinch of Himalayan rock salt to taste (or more)

Arrange almonds in a single layer on a baking tray lined with baking paper.
Heat oven to 180 degrees and roast almonds for approximately 15-20 mins - until the oils have released.
Remove from oven and cool completely.
Place in food processor and using 'S' blade, process for about 7-10 mins until smooth and runny. 
You will need to stop the processor and scrape down the sides periodically.
At this stage you will need to taste test and add the salt as desired - processing well between additions.
Store in a container in the refrigerator for 1 - 2 weeks (if it lasts that long!).

Processing the nut butter

Love x


  1. Looks delicious! It's a good idea to soak your nuts before hand to neutralise phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors and breakdown difficult to digest complex sugars. It's a pretty basic process, give it google :)
    P.s loving your blog xx