Wednesday, December 12, 2012

as of late

I’ve been so busy lately. Understandably it is that time of year when things get a little crazy, but coupled with a move and some thrilling news that we will be expecting our first little bub in early May 2013, things seem to be rolling along quicker than I’d like!

Yes! We are expecting a little girl – currently 19 weeks along – and am so in love with her already. We’ve been enjoying her movements and kicks for a couple of weeks now and the feeling is just so beautiful (I know I say this now, when she’s only 250g).

She’s our little miracle. It took two years of trying, surgery, drugs and being told we’d never conceive naturally to get to this point – but here we are, a natural conception. I will do a couple of follow on posts about our story, how I healed my PCOS naturally and how ‘giving up’ can sometimes be the best thing.

So, what I have been up to lately:

Moving house.

Making a chicken coop – I’ve been an assistant to Joel the builder as he constructed his designed from scratch coop. Hopefully we get the chickens this weekend!


Growing a baby – she’s just gorgeous!

Setting up the house for Christmas – the tree has be up since the 2nd week in November, normally it’s earlier but we were moving.

Making Christmas wrapping decorations.

Starting Christmas presents – home-grown and dehydrated lemon myrtle spice.

Amongst the above, it has been sweltering heat and I have been loving the abundance of mangos. This cooling smoothie has been just perfect snack/breakfast in this 2nd trimester where all I crave is fruit.


(serves 1)

150g natural yoghurt
1 mango, flesh of
A handful of ice

Combine all ingredients in a blender and whiz until thick and smooth. Pour into a glass and top with homemade muesli if desired.



  1. Firstly, congratulations! You're baby girl looks gorgeous indeed! I was just wondering how you came about with having PCOS and how you realised you had this? Also, how you approached in healing PCOS? I'm afraid I have this as well but will go check it out if it is truly the case. Thank you ~ Em.

    1. hi em, if you get the chance take a look at my latest post - it explains how i found out about pcos. :-) xo.